Advantage Medium Dogs 4-10kg (4 Pack)

Advantage Medium Dogs 4-10kg (4 Pack)

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Advantage spot-on flea treatment has been formulated for dogs that weigh under 10kg. It effectively kills fleas and does it quickly!

The formula provides relief from flea bites within 3-5 minutes after application and does not require your dog to be bitten to be effective. It kills fleas on contact.

Treating with Advantage will result in less painful bites and a reduced chance of developing Flea Allergy Dermatitis. This 4 pack gives you a 4 months supply for one dog under 10kg. It is also safe to use on pregnant or lactating dogs.

An effective way to kill fleas
  • Kills both fleas and their larvae within 20 mins after contact.
  • One dosage lasts for a month - simply squeeze the packet on the back of your dog's neck and it will spread over his skin.
  • Waterproof - It still works even after bathing or exposure to rain.
  • 100% safe and effective.